Case Study

Reaching Millennials at SXSW

Reaching Millennials at SXSW

Trying to reach Millennials can be a daunting task made especially difficult when many brands want to reach that generation and especially difficult for insurance brands. But, The Hartford wanted to create a positive conversation around disability that highlights the need for Millennials to have disability insurance, while also striking the right tone – a positive conversation focused on overcoming challenges, rather than being disabled.

Peppercomm focused on finding Millennials and speaking to them where they are framing the conversation about disability and insurance as a larger issue. The first step was identifying that space—SXSW. With the lead sponsor being a competitor insurance company, Peppercomm created a strategy to work through existing partnerships to be able to create a presence.

That presence needed to be unique enough to not only be part of the SXSW experience, but unique enough to attract attention: a panel focused on overcoming disability, “World-class Athletes on the Death of Disability.” We connected three partners of The Hartford, Paralympians Brad Snyder and Alana Nichols and Millennial workplace expert, New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker, Lindsey Pollak.

After creating and submitting the events to the SXSW PanelPicker, Peppercomm developed and executed a coordinated social media effort with the above partners and The Hartford employees to promote the events and encourage people to vote for The Hartford panel.

Our focus on diversity and pushing boundaries with unconventional spokespeople worked – the panel was selected and The Hartford was able to have its first-ever presence at SXSW and plenty of content to live beyond the life of the event.


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