Flagship Consulting


Where R.O.I. meets F.U.N.

Peppercomm is an award-winning strategic communications and marketing firm with more than 100 employees headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco and London. Combining the deep insight of established experts with the entrepreneurial spirit of an up-and-comer, our fun, independent culture allows us to excel strategically, think holistically, explore creatively, work nimbly, and continually attract and enlist strategic thinkers from a variety of fields.

We excel at listening, and putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ audiences: examining where the conversation is headed and determining how to best engage on our client’s behalf, while also serving audiences with content they want and need.  We embrace innovation, with an entrepreneurial drive and creative mind-set that breeds more possibilities and, arguably, more solution sets – like Audience Experience and Comedy Experience – than any other independent communication firm in the world. We have deep expertise, steeped in the ins and outs of the five sectors in which we operate. We provide hands-on involvement, with senior-level management on every team: bringing experience, skills, and expertise unmatched by other agencies of similar size.

Most of all, we’re about fun. Firms often boast about their culture, but we take fun to a higher plane by training each and every employee in stand-up comedy. Comedy training has, in turn, created a staff with a self-deprecating sense of humor – which means that, while we take your business (and our own business) very seriously, we don’t take ourselves seriously at all. It’s a secret ingredient our competitors can’t hope to match because, well, they take themselves too seriously.

Comedy training does more than create a unique culture. It produces a better business executive, someone who is just a tad ahead of their peers when it comes to listening skills, building audience rapport, and thinking in a nanosecond. Happy, funny employees are also the reason why we maintain so many long-term client relationships, experience low turnover, and produce amazing creativity. And that’s no joke.